So Warm...So Smooth...

Moose makes warm, indulgent shaving foam in 60 seconds in your very own bathroom, for that 'oh yeah' shave you deserve

How Moose Works

Treat yourself to an indulgent hot shave whenever you like

Take one pod
Toss it in
the foamaker
Press the button
and count to 60
Voila! Warm, indulgent fantastic foam in the palm of your hands

The Device

A smart device, the size of your average coffee mug,

that with one little pod, produces warm, dense, pampering

shaving foam in just under 60 seconds


Welcome to the future of shaving

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The Foam

Experience the joy of a warm, dense and indulgent foam, made of quality formulas and sensational smells, making your every shave, your best shave ever 

The Pods

Small colorful pods made of condensed formula, suited to a wide range of skin types,  that when in contact with water turn into a fantastic feeling, warm and dense shaving foam


The App

Discover the future of shaving, with a personalized app that saves you time and hassle, cloud-connection for automatic refills and tailored shaving recommendations


An Eco-friendly Shave

Moose replaces the need for millions of highly polluting aerosol cans discarded yearly, our pods production reduces water and storage waste to a minimum, and we also extend the razor lifetime, so you can care for your skin, while caring for our planet.   

Experience the best warm
shave foam
Perfect for all skin types - yep, yours too
Natural & Eco Friendly - we leave nothing behind

What People Say

"It's like a professional

barber shave at a fraction

of the cost"


Marco DiSilvia

Austin, Texas

"I never knew such a small change would make such a

massive difference"

Michael Jenkins

Boston, Massachusetts

"If you want to start treating yourself like the king you are,

 you need Moose!"

George Anderson

Lake Oswego


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