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Moose Foamaker 

  • High-quality hot foam in under 60 secs. specially designed to open pores and soften hair prepping your face, or any part of the body, for a closer and cleaner shave then ever before

  • Removable bowl built to retain heat and keep foam warm long after the heating process

  • Auto-off feature ensures your safety by cutting power as soon as Moose reaches its ideal temperature

  • Durable materials and construction to guarantee your Moose will last for years

  • Standard with a free 30-day warranty covering full replacements

  • Cloud-connected device and smartphone app for automatic hassle free refills

Product Dimensions: 5.1’’ x 4.3’’ x 8.2’’

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Temperature: Adjustable between 100 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit

Heating Type: Induction

Output: 110V and 500W

Water Capacity: 250ml

Cable Length: 3ft

Operating Time: 30-60 seconds

Color: Black, White, Black and White

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  • Pivoting head that allows for greater control around tough curves

  • High-quality blades for an exceptionally clean shave

  • Single precision edge blade for tight control in even the hardest to reach places

  • Ergonomic design ensuring you’ll never lose grip when shaving

Product Dimensions: 1’’ x 7.5’’ x 3.4’’

Weight: 2.4 Oz

Number Of Blades: 5

Charged: No

Color: Black


  • Fully dissolvable tablets, release hints of green tea and other natural scents as are mixed with hot water

  • Made from quality shaving creams and soaps used in high-end salons, dried and compressed into tablets

  • Currently available in five formulas, Classic, Anti-Acne, Moisturizing, Sensitive Skin, and Aloe Vera. You can also purchase a sampler pack to try a bit of everything

  • 100% biodegradable and waste-conscious packaging

  • Natural, environmentally friendly materials

  • Made in the USA

Dimensions: 0.5’’ circles

Weight: 2 grams

Pods Per Box: 12 or 36

Foam Consistency: Dense

Ideal Temperature: Between 100 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit

Color: Varies

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How do I use Moose?

Couldn't be simpler. You just insert the pod into_______, press ___ and that's it, hot indulgent foam coming your way

How fast will I get a full cup of foam?

Depending on the setting you choose, no longer than 30-60 seconds

What are the pods made of?

Each pod is made with the finest quality dried soaps and shaving creams available, they are completely natural, and 100% biodegradable

What does the hot foam do?

Moose's hot foam is super rich and thick, giving you all the coverage you need. It’s also specifically designed to open up pores and make the hair softer and easier to shave

How often should I clean the device?

You should rinse it after each use. The bowl is removable and the pod dissolves completely so it's very easy to clean

How hot is the hot foam?

Anywhere between 100 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the setting you choose

Do I need to let the foam sit?

No sitting or stirring is required, you can use the foam as soon as it's ready

Can moose be used by women or for other body parts?

Sure, Moose is great for all body parts, male and female

Where can I get Moose?

You can currently only buy the Moose directly from our website

When will I get my Moose?

Delivery usually takes about 3-4 working days

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